Greg Gutfeld Says Fauci Knew More Than He Let on and Should “Get a Lawyer!”

Greg Gutfeld Says Fauci Knew More Than He Let on and Should

( – The origins of COVID-19 are still hotly debated to this day, over two years into the pandemic devastating the country with hundreds of thousands of deaths and restrictive measures that essentially put life on hold. Dr. Anthony Fauci is at the center of the controversy, and many believe he had inside knowledge of not only the origins of the disease but how it came to be. Now, a Fox News Host is calling for him to resign — and get a lawyer.

On Wednesday, January 26, Greg Gutfeld discussed with his co-hosts a recent exposé by Brett Baier involving a document dump he says reveals a massive cover-up regarding the virus’ origin and Dr. Fauci’s role in it. According to Baier, the documents reveal Fauci was warned early on in the pandemic that COVID-19 could have resulted from a Wuhan lab leak.

While the lab leak is a plausible theory, that’s not what upsets Gutfeld — it’s the cover-up and the lack of transparency that followed to avoid upsetting international harmony and scientific cooperation. Gutfeld says Fauci is part of the problem, but the community hiding facts while at the same time lecturing the general public about vaccines, masks and staying home to mitigate the spread that they ultimately aided is a more significant part. He said Fauci should get a lawyer because the potential for a class-action lawsuit is there, and it’s those spreading the “questionable science,” like Fauci, who stand the most to lose.

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