Gun Control Group Seeks TOTAL Ban!

( – Here 4 The Kids is urging Democratic Governor Jared Polis to ban all guns in the state and intends to stage a “sit-in” at the state capitol to reinforce its point. 

The group describes itself as a “movement” of black and brown women with “a team of white women working behind the scenes.” It says guns are the number one killer of children in America – a claim that has been debunked. It is based on a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control that included 18 and 19-year-olds in its report. When that age group is removed, car accidents are the leading killer. 

Here 4 The Kids claims that owning firearms is a manifestation of white supremacy. It compares campaigns to end gun ownership to the civil rights movement and threatens that 25,000 “white women” will descend upon the state capitol in June and will not leave until their demands are met. They demand that Governor Polis “buy back” all firearms. The heavily racialized statement said the most crucial aspect of the protest was the number of “white bodies” in attendance. 

The claim that firearm rights equal white supremacy is based on the view that landowners feared uprisings from slaves and that gun ownership was the method used to quell such revolts. To reinforce the argument, Here 4 The Kids point to an article written by Christopher Keelty, a left-wing cartoonist, who claims that American gun culture stems from white people’s fear of blacks, and guns were used to control Native Americans during the colonial era. 

The organization also cites an article entitled New Studies Show Impact of Racism on Recent Surge of Gun Purchases. This claims that Google searches of “racial epithets” correspond with gun sales. It states that “firearm purchases have been higher in states where these searches are more common.”

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