Gunman Injures Nine at Water Park

( – Detroit authorities have confirmed that a gunman opened fire at one of the city’s water parks on Father’s Day, marking the latest mass shooting within the United States.

While the total casualties of the shooting remain unclear, police believe the gunman injured at least nine people at the water park, including an eight-year-old boy. The gunman shot the young boy in the head, and medical personnel aren’t sure if the boy can recover from the near-fatal injury. The boy’s family members, including his brother and mother, also sustained injuries during the shooting.

Police have identified the shooter as 42-year-old William Nash, who drove to the Splash Pad water park during the late hours of Father’s Day. According to police, Nash decided to attack the water park randomly and had no discernible motive for carrying out the mass shooting. Nash used a Glock handgun during the shooting and fired more than 28 rounds during the entire ordeal, which included several breaks so he could reload his firearm.

Nash shot nine people during the Splash Pad shooting but failed to kill anyone during the attack. Police believe Nash selected his victims randomly during the attack, as their ages range from four to 78 years old. Most of Nash’s victims sustained minor injuries and received medical treatment that prevented further deaths. The eight-year-old boy Nash shot is still in a hospital and could be the shooting’s only fatality if the boy fails to recover from critical condition.

Police arrived at the Splash Pad water park just two minutes after Nash opened fire at the park’s attendees but failed to capture Nash before he could flee the area. Investigators eventually determined Nash carried out the shooting and attempted to arrest him at his home shortly after the initial attack. Once police arrived at Nash’s home, they entered his residence and found the shooter dead from a gunshot wound. According to police, Nash drove home after the shooting and shot himself in the head to avoid arrest.

Investigators are still looking into the shooting to determine a potential motive, as Nash’s death has left them without a possible lead. Police have confirmed that Nash didn’t have a criminal record and that he didn’t know any of the victims. Nash’s neighbors claim that Nash often seemed to be suffering from various mental health issues and described the shooter as a “loner” when speaking to Michigan investigators.

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