Hacker Gets Mysterious $250k Payment From Google

Hacker Gets Mysterious $250k Payment From Google

Google Claims GIANT PAYOUT Was A Mistake

(DailyVantage.com) – Many people regularly check their bank accounts to ensure transactions post accurately. Few people expect to find a $250,000 payment waiting for them. Yet, a deposit from Google in almost the same amount shocked Sam Curry, a self-professed hacker by trade, when he noticed it.

In August, Curry, who sometimes works for Google, noticed the tech giant had dropped $249,999.99 into his account. While some might be quick to spend the money, the tech expert held onto it and immediately reached out to the company to determine what the payment was for or whether it was an error.

He jokingly added, “it’s OK if you don’t want it back” in his inquiry.

According to a Google spokesperson, the company accidentally sent Curry the funds, and they expressed their appreciation for his reaching out. The deposit ultimately came down to simple human error: the company “made a payment to the wrong party.”

Still, this story poses a good question: if you receive money by mistake, is it legally yours? The answer is no. You’re entitled to keep the funds only if you’re the intended recipient. Otherwise, authorities could hold you responsible for the entire amount and penalties, including fines or criminal charges.

Anyone receiving money they aren’t expecting should report it to the bank immediately.

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