Haley Defends Her Stance on Resettling Palestinians in the US

(DailyVantage.com) – Two GOP presidential primary candidates have been scarce in the news since October 15. Ron DeSantis was recorded saying that “all” Palestinians have anti-Semitic views. Jake Tapper of CNN aired this on his show. Tapper did not include the part of DeSantis’s speech where he said Palestinians should not be accepted into America as refugees.

The second primary candidate, Nikki Haley, said not all Palestinians want to be controlled by the Hamas terrorists. Some Palestinians want to be unbound and set free, she said, adding that the United States has always known about and still must differentiate between terrorists and ordinary citizens living near each other. She thinks “half” of all citizens of Gaza and Palestine do not want to be under Hamas’ thumb and live a “terrible life” because of them.

Some people who read Haley’s statements believed she was fine with Americans accepting refugees into the country. Immediately after, her political campaign staff said she does not support the United States taking in Palestinian refugees. However, her staff said Haley supports Iran, Turkey, and Qatar in welcoming them in instead.

On Megyn Kelly’s podcast on October 17, DeSantis wondered aloud why Haley would even talk about separating the citizens from the terrorists if there was not a plan to import them as refugees. DeSantis suspects most people in the United States do not want Gazans coming into their country. DeSantis continued by saying he doubts that Haley fully believes that all Palestinians want the same democracy and freedoms that America enjoys. Hamas teaches Palestinians to detest all Jews. Also, their goal is “the destruction of the Jewish state.”

On October 18, her political campaign support for SFA, Inc. attempted to clear the confusion by toting a report to check facts. It was announced that Haley never said America should accept Gazan refugees.

This is not the first time Haley has seemingly flipped her opinion on refugees settling in the United States. Following the terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015, in Paris, Haley was one of the few Republican governors who originally wanted Syrian refugees to settle in America. On the same day, after she agreed to the arrangement, she backed out and spoke against the Syrian refugee plan.

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