Harris to Receive Biden’s Fundraising Cash as Donors Hesitate

(DailyVantage.com) – Following an abysmal performance by President Joe Biden during the first presidential debate, Democratic donors have begun hesitating and considering a withdrawal of their support.

Biden’s campaign has started an extensive effort to regain support from donors who feel that Biden can’t win the 2024 presidential election, and explained what would happen to donated funds if Biden dropped from the race. According to Biden’s campaign staff, if the president drops out of the 2024 election, the funds donated to his campaign would go to Vice President Kamala Harris as she ran in his place.

While Biden’s team wanted to assure donors that their funds wouldn’t go to waste if Biden dropped from the election, some felt even more concerned upon hearing that Harris would receive the donated funds for her presidential bid. According to a media outlet with sources at the White House, some donors requested refunds once they learned that Harris would receive their donations if Biden left the race. Despite the overwhelmingly negative coverage of Biden’s debate performance and the renewed calls for a replacement candidate, Biden’s team has confirmed that Biden plans on remaining in the race for the foreseeable future.

Many Democratic officials feel Biden should drop from the race, citing how former President Donald Trump dominated the first debate and embarrassed Biden on the national stage. Throughout the debate, Trump seemed confident and mentally present, while Biden seemed confused and failed to answer questions clearly or concisely. Biden has addressed his lackluster debate performance during a recent New Jersey fundraiser appearance, claiming that the debate helped bring more undecided voters to his side over Trump.

Biden also told the attendees that he still outperforms Trump in national polls and that his campaign would work harder in the coming months to convince voters that he’s the best presidential candidate. While attempting to persuade donors to support his campaign, Biden referred to Trump’s first term in office and claimed that most Americans feel a second Trump term would result in disaster for American citizens. During the event, Biden also cited the infamous January 6 incident and said that if Americans want to avoid a similar incident, they should vote for him instead of Donald Trump.

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