He Took The CASH – Now He’ll PAY FOR IT!

(DailyVantage.com) – Presidential son Hunter Biden stands accused of extorting $5 million out of a Chinese business partner, and another $5 million for his father, President Joe Biden. The allegations stem from whistleblower testimony and a chain of explosive text messages dating back to 2017.

The text messages and other documents have been revealed through ongoing congressional investigations into the business dealings of then-former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. The evidence shows that Hunter Biden received text messages from a Chinese-linked associate.

Hunter Biden’s business associate Henry Zhao, the CEO of the investment and asset management firm Harvest Management, had a tense conversation via WhatsApp messenger regarding a “previous commitment.” In the conversation chaing, Hunter Biden asked Zhao why the commitment wasn’t fulfilled and stated that the issue needed to be resolved with the director of Harvest Management.

But what has drawn the most attention is Hunter Biden’s apparent use of his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, as leverage against Zhao. In the messages, Hunter Biden told Zhao that he was sitting next to his father, giving the impression of an implied threat.  The conversation took place on July 30th of 2017, and Hunter Biden insisted that Zhao resolve the issue that evening.

Shortly after this tense exchange, Hunter Biden received more than 5 million in a bank account registered to Hudson West III, a firm that was operated by Hunter Biden and another Chinese associate. In addition to the $5 million, a second wire transfer was initiated for $100,000 to the law firm Owasco, a law firm operated by Hunter Biden. The transfers came from CEFC Infrastructure Investment, a Chinese-operated firm.

The Department of Justice has apparently been investigating Hunter Biden since 2018 for what appears to be suspicious foreign funding from Hunter Biden’s business ventures. This month IRS whistleblower, former agent Gary Shapley Jr. told the House Ways and Means Committee about his suspicions, and Shapley contradicted statements from U.S. Attorney David Weiss about the investigation.

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