He Went TOO FAR – Biden Crosses Line BIG TIME

(DailyVantage.com) – President Joe Biden is being criticized online for his interaction with a reporter that occurred during the G-7 Summit in Hiroshima. During the summit Biden was seen talking to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, when reporters started trying to ask him questions. One reporter asked Biden about the ongoing national debt negotiations, which have yet to reach a resolution, but Biden quickly told the reporter he wasn’t concerned regarding the debt talks.

Another reporter then tried to ask Biden a question, but before they could finish Biden told them to “shush up.” Many online are criticizing Biden, calling the command condescending and claiming that if Trump had done the same thing he’d be faced with nonstop negative media coverage. This interaction is the latest instance of Biden being outright disrespectful to members of the press, an ongoing trend that occurs when reporters ask Biden about certain topics.

While Biden being disrespectful to reporters isn’t super surprising to many, given his constant interactions with members of the media, some critics feel as though Biden has also recently disrespected an entire country. Biden has recently been accused of insulting the entire nation of Great Britain for a variety of reasons. One reason is that Biden was notably absent from the coronation of King Charles III.

Another reason that many feel as though Biden doesn’t value his relationship with Great Britain is that he had a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office, during his first week in office. While Biden has cultural ties to Ireland, it appears as though he doesn’t consider his relationship with Great Britain as too important.

President Biden isn’t just disrespectful to members of the press during his usual daily interactions with them, but even took time out of the White House Correspondents’ dinner to throw insults at Tucker Carlson and Fox News in general. During the remarks Biden seemingly celebrated the fact that Carlson, one of his most vocal mainstream critics, had been let go from his position following the conclusion of Fox’s defamation lawsuit.

While this dinner itself is meant for a US president to make witty remarks and jokes, Biden’s comments seemed to have a genuineness to them that many felt was unnecessary. Regardless, it seems as though Biden’s track record of disrespecting members of the media will continue.

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