Here’s What It Took to Bring Down Andrew Cuomo

Here's What It Took to Bring Down Andrew Cuomo

( – Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has had a tumultuous two years. First, media outlets lauded his handling of COVID-19 — then, it all came crashing down, spectacularly. Despite several incidences popping up seemingly weekly, like the nursing home deaths, doctored reports and using his staff to write his memoir, his resignation boiled down to a #MeToo moment.

On October 28, authorities in Albany charged Cuomo with sexual misconduct, a misdemeanor. The charge stems from an incident where he allegedly reached under a staffer’s shirt and groped her.

Speaking with Newsmax, state Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) made it perfectly clear there was much more that should have warranted charges and removal from office. She called him “one of the most corrupt governors in New York history” and is glad to see him gone.

The charges came down after an investigation from the New York District Attorney’s office determined it had a solid case worth pursuing. According to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, there’s an “overwhelming amount of evidence,” and the alleged victim is cooperating fully with the department.

Cuomo is expected to appear in court on November 17. The former governor denies he ever acted inappropriately.

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