He’s Been REELECTED – Weeks After Resignation!

NC Sheriff Reelected Just 2 Weeks After Resignation

NC Sheriff Reelected Just 2 Weeks After Resignation

(DailyVantage.com) – All eyes were on the Senate and US House on Tuesday, November 8, to see if the proclaimed red wave would happen. Yet, amid the larger races, local ones were happening in communities throughout the country. One particular election has sparked controversy, with residents calling for more action.

Re-Election After Resignation

After the revelation surfaced regarding a call in which he allegedly made racist remarks, Columbus County, North Carolina, Sheriff Jody Greene resigned. In a Facebook post, he said he was leaving the department to “spare [his] fellow citizens along with [his] family and friends the ordeal and spectacle of a long trial.” In his message, Greene specified the resignation applied to his 2018 term, and then he asked for people’s support and votes in the 2022 election. He won.

The Controversial Call

The phone call at the center of the controversy occurred in 2019, shortly after Greene took over as Columbus County Sheriff. In a conversation with Jason Soles, temporarily appointed acting sheriff in 2019, Greene allegedly made several disparaging remarks about black deputies. He reportedly called them “bastards,” implying he’d like to fire them all, and said, “I’m going to clean house and be done with it.” There were several other comments in the conversation, which Soles recorded and later handed over to WECT-6 News (WECT) when he couldn’t get the higher-ups to handle the situation.

When WECT initially asked Greene about the recording in September, he denied having any knowledge of the conversation. The agency gave Greene a copy of the message, which put him on the defensive. He had his attorneys reach out to the station and refused to talk to the media outlet’s representatives any further.

Greene’s attorneys questioned the legality and authenticity of the recording, saying it was a confidential personnel matter. Noticeably absent from the correspondence was any mention of the statements the sheriff allegedly made.

2022 Election

Despite Greene’s resignation, he contended he would still run for re-election in 2022. Not only did he follow through, but he also beat out the Democratic candidate, none other than Jason Soles, 54.26% to 45.74%.

In October, when trying to remove Greene from office, the District Attorney’s Office made clear that it would petition to remove him, calling it an “ethical obligation.” In the meantime, the Columbus County Board of Elections will certify Greene’s win on November 18.

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