He’s Coming For BIDEN – 2024 Intentions CLEAR!

(DailyVantage.com) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has started making vows regarding current US President Joe Biden, as well as criticisms aimed at former US President Donald Trump. DeSantis has vowed to permanently send Biden “back to his basement,” and even made some indirect remarks about how Donald Trump recently canceled a rally in Iowa. DeSantis has been making headlines across the country over the past few weeks, following his official announcement of his presidential campaign.

It appears as though DeSantis is a top contender for the Republican nomination, and has a strong chance of being the candidate to go against President Biden during the actual 2024 election. While many are supportive of the Florida Governor’s attempt, he’s already facing heavy criticism from various members of his own party, including Donald Trump.

 Trump has resorted to interesting tactics in an effort to devalue DeSantis and make him appear as a lackluster candidate. Trump has even gone so far as to use strange nicknames when referring to DeSantis, such as ‘Rob DeSanctimonious.” Trump’s comments are interesting, as just last year he was praising how DeSantis ran the state of Florida, a sentiment which has seemingly changed now that Trump has to actually compete with DeSantis in the hotly contested Republican primaries. Trump is already facing an uphill battle during the election cycle, as his criminal trial is set to start in the midst of the Republican primary season. Trump has already been found liable in a civil lawsuit earlier this year, a verdict that will likely play a key role in the critics of Trump being re-elected. 

Despite DeSantis’ growing popularity, he has come under fire recently due to his interaction with a reporter, in which he asked the reporter “are you blind?” While DeSantis’ outburst will likely be prevalent in the media cycle for the coming weeks, it doesn’t seem likely to hurt his overall campaign during next year’s election. When it comes to the Republican nominee for the 2024 election, it seems as though DeSantis will be a top contender.

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