Hillary Clinton Says Allegations Are “Nonsense”

Hillary Clinton Says Allegations Are

(DailyVantage.com) – For days after Special Counsel John Durham’s February 11 court filing, Hillary Clinton refused to address the claims within. Now, she’s finally broken her silence and, in true fashion, dismissed the contents as “nonsense.”

On February 11, Durham filed documents surrounding a potential conflict of interest for attorney Michael A. Sussmann. Durham included information about Sussman’s alleged ties to the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign. Federal prosecutors have indicted Sussmann on a single charge of making a materially false statement to the FBI. According to the brief, the attorney’s firm had billed the Clinton campaign for work during the same period and also had ties to Rodney Joffe, a data analyst, who allegedly worked “gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump.”

Hillary says it’s all nonsense and called it a fake scandal created by Fox News to take the attention away from former President Donald Trump. However, one could argue by pointing the finger at Trump, she’s claiming Fox is guilty of the same thing she’s actually doing.

Clinton tweeted and linked to a Vanity Fair article she says debunks the theory posed by Durham and Trump associates. The article in question raises the point that media outlets have already reported on Sussmann’s conversation previously, and Durham had not made these allegations at that time. Of course, Vanity Fair’s point doesn’t account for all of the research and digging Durham did in the several months since then. Many people are responding to Hillary’s claims and the Durham report in general, including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH):

What do you think? Do you think Clinton is guilty of spying on Trump?

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