Hillary’s Shocking Prediction – Russia Will Interfere With 2024 Election!

(DailyVantage.com) – Hillary Clinton, during an interview with former White House spokeswoman turned MSNBC commentator Jen Psaki, said she believes Russian President Vladimir Putin will try to interfere in the 2024 presidential election. Psaki stated that Putin has interfered in the past and asked Clinton if Americans should be talking more about the possibility of his interference in 2024. Clinton replied that Americans should be concerned since she has “no doubt” that he interfered in the 2016 presidential election when she ran against Donald Trump and lost.

Clinton said she has no doubt that Putin has also interfered in the internal affairs of other countries by funding political parties and candidates and by “buying off” government officials. According to Clinton, Putin hates the West, hates democracy, and desires to “expand his reach”. She also said that he fought against her in the 2016 election because he didn’t want her in the White House. Clinton describes Putin as a fascist and an authoritarian dictator who “kills his opposition”.

Clinton voiced her concerns over some Americans who may agree with Putin’s authoritarian ways and urged voters to “reject” those ideas. She said that it is a challenge to explain to American people that Putin is the type of leader who poisons people who disagree with him, invades countries, kills journalists, and interferes with elections to manipulate circumstances in his favor. Clinton said that Putin is “very good at” managing to damage and divide us internally.

During this same interview, Clinton spoke about Donald Trump. She claims he engages in “projection,” which is a psychological term. The expression means that whenever Trump accuses someone of something or denies thinking about or doing something, he is guilty of the same thing and “projects” the guilt onto someone else.

Trump was exonerated for colluding with Russia to promote interference in the 2016 election. Special Council John Durhan’s final report also confirmed Trump’s claims of being “targeted by a politicized federal law enforcement agency” after the FBI investigated him without a suitable motive.

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