Hollywood Actor Stops a Knife Fight in Real Life Act of Heroism

Hollywood Actor Stops a Knife Fight in Real Life Act of Heroism

Knife Fight Stopped by Young Film Star

(DailyVantage.com) – Hollywood actors encounter all types of situations in the films they star in, but it’s not often they receive recognition for heroics off the big screen. Still, Dev Patel and his friends successfully de-escalated a situation that could’ve had deadly consequences for all involved on August 1.

The Slumdog Millionaire actor was out with pals in Adelaide, Australia, where he’s living with his girlfriend. They chanced upon a couple who were fighting, with one brandishing a knife. Instead of standing by, ignoring the conflict, or calling authorities, the actor inserted himself into the situation, acting “on his natural instinct,” per his spokesman.

During the fight, which started in the street and carried over into a convenience store, the woman reportedly stabbed the man in the chest. Bystanders called the police and an ambulance to the scene, where emergency personnel treated the man and transported him to Royal Adelaide Hospital. Patel stayed and cooperated with authorities.

Following the incident, Patel’s representatives released a statement saying, “There are no heroes in this situation,” and calling for recognition of the struggles of the marginalized community members. They didn’t elaborate further.

Fortunately, despite the violent situation, which could’ve turned out badly, Patel escaped without injury.

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