Homeowner Exercises 2nd Amendment Rights, Turns the Tables on Intruder

Homeowner Exercises 2nd Amendment Rights, Turns the Tables on Intruder

Gun Control Narratives are Dead in The Water if This Story Goes Viral

(DailyVantage.com) – When the Left talks about gun control, they largely ignore the fact that most people who commit crimes do so with illegally-obtained weapons. Yet, many Second Amendment supporters are responsible gun owners who keep firearms for self-protection or hunting. In some cases, having a legal gun comes in handy, as it did in Gainesville, Georgia, last week.

On Thursday morning, April 21, an intruder broke into a Georgia home with a large stick. At the time, the homeowner and his 12-year-old stepdaughter were getting ready for the day. The suspect, later identified by authorities as 48-year-old Miguel Villapando-Gomez, locked the storm door behind him and ordered the two to the ground. That’s when the homeowner grabbed his gun from his bedroom.

Weapon in hand, the unnamed homeowner told Villapando-Gomez to leave his house and finally threatened to shoot him when the intruder didn’t comply. But things were still hairy. Even though he left the house, Villapando-Gomez refused to leave the yard until the homeowner fired one shot into the ground. A 911 call notified authorities, who later apprehended the suspect. Villapando-Gomez faces charges of felony home invasion, possession of drug-related objects, two counts of simple assault and possession of methamphetamine.

In this case, the responsible gun owner thwarted a crime and avoided injuring anybody in the process.

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