House GOP Claims Hunter Biden Violated Federal Law By Defying Subpoena

( – Republicans within the House of Representatives are preparing to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for his decision to defy a subpoena issued during a House impeachment inquiry. The inquiry relates to President Joe Biden and accusations that President Biden used his position as Barack Obama’s vice president for personal financial gain. Details about when the House will enact the contempt resolution are unknown, but the resolution will likely move forward in the coming weeks. House Republicans are also accusing Hunter Biden of violating federal law by refusing to testify before Congress.

Hunter Biden received heavy backlash after defying the congressional subpoena, as he appeared at the Capitol and spoke with members of the press. In his press statement, Huner Biden refused to attend a private deposition and demanded a public hearing before Congress so that American citizens could watch the deposition relating to President Biden. Huner Biden also challenged the subpoena, claiming that the entire impeachment effort against his father wasn’t legitimate and lacked any concrete evidence of wrongdoing on President Biden’s behalf. Despite Hunter Biden’s claims, the House Oversight Committee released a report that names Hunter Biden as a key witness in the impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

In the report, the House Oversight Committee states that Hunter Biden’s testimony is necessary for the ongoing investigation into President Biden. The report also states that Hunter Biden has knowledge about his father’s actions as vice president and whether or not he abused his position for personal gain throughout the Obama administration. House Oversight Committee members also claim that Hunter Biden’s testimony could provide information about whether or not he engaged in financial schemes with President Biden. Despite Hunter Biden’s decision to defy the subpoena, members of the House Oversight Committee claim they have substantial evidence that President Biden took part in financial schemes involving businesses owned or operated by Hunter Biden.

While discussing the looming resolution against Hunter Biden, Representative James Comer said that Congress could refer the contempt charge to the United States Attorney’s Office. Comer claimed that if Congress decides to refer Hunter Biden and recommend prosecution, he would not receive special treatment despite being President Biden’s son. The House Oversight Committee plans to consider the resolution and the adjoined report on January 10th, which will determine the legal consequences for Hunter Biden.

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