House GOP Criticizes WH for Excluding Hunter Biden From Marine One List Amid Absent Visitor Logs

( – Republican congressmen have taken aim at the White House over the Biden administration’s apparent habit of excluding Hunter Biden from visitor logs and even passenger logs for official vehicles like Marine One.

An eagle-eyed Fox correspondent, Peter Doocy, noticed that in a recent trip by the Bidens from Delaware back to Washington, Hunter Biden was among those who disembarked from Marine One—except his name wasn’t on the list of passengers provided to members of the press.

House Republicans were quick to jump on the omission, tweeting, “What other manifests and visitor logs has Hunter Biden been left off of?”

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, defended the younger Biden’s exclusion from the manifest, saying that “it’s something (including members of the First Family in the manifest) we’ve never done.” She also insisted that one of the perks of being in the First Family is being able to travel with the president, and she said that there were no plans to include members of Biden’s family on passenger manifests for transportation like Marine One.

The Biden administration has touted itself as one of the “most transparent” in U.S. history, but in 2021, it released a rule indicating that it would not release records of visits deemed to be of a “personal” nature.

Fox News also reported that, upon review of White House visitor logs through February of this year, there is no indication at all of Hunter Biden’s visits or extended stays. This is despite multiple news reports through the years of the Biden administration showing that Hunter was in or stayed at the White House.

Another news outlet, the New York Post, also reported that the Hunter seems to be the only member of the First Family who is omitted from visitor or passenger logs. For example, President Biden’s brother, Frank, is always listed in visitor logs, while the same can rarely be said for Hunter. A state dinner in April lists Frank Biden in both the official guest list and the visitor logs for the White House, but Hunter is only listed in the official guest list and not in the visitor logs.

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