How the GOP Is Trying to Force Biden’s Hand on Border Security

( – Republican lawmakers within the House of Representatives aim to force President Joe Biden to strengthen the southern border’s security by attaching policies regarding border integrity to various bills Democratic lawmakers seek to pass in the next year. The GOP added provisions to a recent appropriations bill that will only allow the bill to become law if another bill, the Republican-backed border security bill, also passes into law.

Republicans will likely add this same provision to other policies supported by Democrats to force the opposing party to provide the southern border with much-needed manpower and resources for greater national security. President Biden still claims the southern United States border is under control, despite the country facing record-breaking waves of migration each month. The provision is unlikely to pass, but it will prevent further legislation if Democratic lawmakers refuse to acknowledge the ongoing immigration crisis.

While the Biden Administration isn’t taking action to provide relief at the southern border, Mexico is dispersing thousands of illegal immigrants to reduce the stress on the southern border of Mexico. Mexico dispersed the immigrants by establishing a camp for migrants and transporting them to towns around the region. The surge of immigrants is coming from South America and using roads throughout Central America to travel to the United States. One nation that many of the migrants eventually pass through is Guatemala, directly south of Mexico. By reducing the number of migrants crossing its southern border, Mexico effectively reduces the strain of international immigration within the area. Despite the best efforts of Mexican authorities, thousands of immigrants cross into Mexico and the United States each month.

The ongoing surge of immigration into the United States is now considered a “humanitarian crisis” by some, given the lack of resources available to provide comfort and care to those seeking entry into the country. Although several Biden cabinet members have visited the border since Biden took office in 2021, the White House isn’t enacting policies to reduce the ongoing immigration wave. The southern border is an area of focus for many voters in the upcoming election and will likely play a pivotal role in determining the next president of the United States.

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