Human-Trafficking Scandal – Pentagon Official Caught in Human Trafficking Sting

( – Georgia officials recently arrested a senior Pentagon official who oversaw the education of thousands of children due to his connections to the Georgia illegal sex industry. The Pentagon official isn’t the only individual arrested in the human trafficking sting, however, as 26 other people connected to the organization are currently in police custody. The Pentagon official attached to the sting is 64-year-old Stephen Hovanic, who served in numerous government positions throughout his tenure.

Hovanic was the American division of the Department of Defense Education Activity’s chief of staff for over ten years and worked with the department for almost three decades. The department is responsible for educating children on United States military bases worldwide. The children on military bases attend federal schools owned and operated by the Department of Defense Education Activity. Hovanic’s alleged involvement in human trafficking doesn’t seem directly related to the military installation schools.

Georgia authorities arrested Hovanic after he allegedly attempted to solicit a lewd act from an undercover officer at a motel. According to authorities, attempts like Hovanic’s to pay for prostitution directly contribute to international human trafficking rings due to the potential profit of victimizing women. Following the arrest, the Department of Defense Education Activity addressed Hovanic’s alleged involvement in a limited capacity.

The department confirmed it knew about an incident involving an employee but didn’t disclose any information about the employee or their involvement with the program. Hovanic’s position is now vacant, according to the Department of Defense Education Activity’s website, indicating the department fired Hovanic privately without addressing the scandal. Fox News released a detailed report about the department, highlighting the department’s presence in 11 countries housing 160 different schools.

Hovanic is one of ten individuals arrested for pandering, with authorities arresting 12 additional suspects for prostitution and four others for pimping. Details about Hovanic’s case are scarce, but the disgraced Pentagon official will likely take a plea deal in the coming weeks due to the scandal.

According to the authorities responsible for arresting Hovanic, the sting operation is an attempt at saving vulnerable women and children from prostitution. The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office will likely commence further sting operations in the region.

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