Hundreds Come Together In Opposition to Nebraska Heartbeat Bill

( – In post-Roe America, the issue of abortion is as contentious as ever. According to a Pew survey released on November 3rd 2022, 56% of voters said that abortion was “very important” in regards to how they would vote in the midterm elections.

Across the country, Americans remain starkly divided on the issue. Nebraska is no exception. On Wednesday, roughly 300 people organized against a proposed heartbeat bill in the halls of the local state legislature.

The controversial bill is sponsored by Republican Joni Albrecht who, in response to criticisms that the ban is too extreme, said that “the bill is about one thing: protecting babies with beating hearts from elective abortion.”

The proposed bill, which is currently being deliberated by law makers, would ban abortion after 6 weeks, when the fetal heartbeat is detectable. The act is considered by many on the left to be an impingement on a woman’s right to choose.

Megan Hunt, a Democrat state senator from Omaha who is making it her mission to stop the bill dead in its tracks, told the crowd of pro-choice organizers “we need constant, prolonged, righteous outrage. They need to feel your energy.” The raucous group responded with a roaring applause and persistent chants.

After some eight hours of hearings and deliberations, law makers thought it best to adjourn the vote to a later date. As of now, the fate of the 6 week abortion ban hangs in the balance.

If the bill is to eventually pass through the state legislature, though, it would go down as one of the more prohibitive abortion bans in the country. Doctors, for example, would be guilty of committing a felony if they were to perform an abortion past the 6 week mark.

Felony convictions can potentially remain on one’s criminal record for life.

If passed, Nebraska would join Ohio, Louisiana, and a handful of other states to impose a heartbeat bill.

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