Hundreds DEAD – Top Official Makes Brutal Confession!

World Cup Chief Admits to Migrant Worker Deaths During Construction

World Cup Chief Admits to Migrant Worker Deaths During Construction

( – Since the announcement in 2010 that the Middle Eastern country of Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup, controversy has surrounded everything to do with FIFA’s decision. One hindrance the nation faced was a lack of the necessary infrastructure to host such a large event. Yet, FIFA decided to move forward. In the years since, Qatar turned to its migrant worker population to build stadiums, roads, and hotels. However, the individuals have reportedly worked in unsafe conditions, leading to many deaths.

In 2021, The Guardian reported more than 6,500 migrants had died in association with the projects since 2010. Yet, in an interview with Piers Morgan on “Talk TV,” Secretary-General Hassan al-Thawadi of Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said the number of people who died while constructing the facilities specifically for the World Cup was between 400 and 500. He further acknowledged that “one death is a death too many.”

However, following al-Thawadi’s appearance, the Supreme Committee contradicted the secretary-general’s statements. The figure he came up with, the statement said, was “for all work-related fatalities (414) nationwide … covering all sectors,” per NBC. This figure also contradicts human rights groups’ estimates, which put the number of deaths in the thousands.

Critics have also called migrants’ living and working conditions into question. Temperatures regularly soar over 100 degrees. Migrants work long hours in the dry heat, and according to CBS, they live in crowded, dirty camps during construction.

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