Hunter Biden Business Associate Met With Joe Biden

( – Hunter Biden has made national news yet again, as it’s been revealed that a business associate of Hunter Biden met with then VP Joe Biden. The associate in question is Nicolas Rohatyn, a Biden donor whose hedge fund was managed by Hunter Biden’s now defunct Rosemont Seneca Partners firm.

The details of the visits are still unknown, but it appears as though Rohatyn and Biden have had some sort of professional relationship dating all the way back to 2010, when Hunter approved of an invite for Rohatyn to attend a White House dinner. The news of Hunter Biden’s business associate meeting with then Vice President Joe Biden makes it even harder for President Biden to deny knowing about Hunter Biden’s various business dealings.

Hunter Biden has been a controversial figure in recent memory for a plethora of reasons. In fact, there’s even a possible indictment for Hunter Biden in relation to his acquisition of a firearm while lying about drug usage and tax crimes. Although no official charges haven’t been brought against Biden as of yet, the possibility seems more likely with each day. Hunter Biden has been a constant scandalous figure for the Biden Administration since Joe Biden initially took office, being the forefront of various political stories and congressional hearings. One such hearing recently uncovered that Biden Administration sympathizers were effectively coaching the media during the months leading to the election, in particular about how to handle the now infamous Hunter Biden laptop story.

Hunter Biden’s laptop has been in the national news cycle repeatedly since the 2020 election. The story remains so controversial as it was initially declared “misinformation” by various media outlets, which has now been debunked thanks to a recent interview with former acting CIA director Michael Morell.

Morell was interviewed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner, in their effort to determine if intelligence officials help interfere with the election when determining the validity of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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