Hunter Biden Going To JAIL!? Judge Loses All Patience!

( – Hunter Biden has been threatened with up to half a year in jail by an Arkansas judge in relation to an ongoing parental case related to Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts. The two are parents to a four-year-old child that Hunter has famously refused to acknowledge, going so far as to deny the child was his until a paternity test proved otherwise. The case was eventually settled, but it got reopened in 2022 when Biden requested to adjust his child support payments.

Biden has been ordered by Holly Meyer, the judge presiding over the case, to appear in person at all paternity hearings. Roberts has claimed that Biden has failed to produce information relevant to the ongoing case and has requested that the court consider holding him in civil contempt. Biden must now appear in Batesville, Arkansas, to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.

The ongoing paternity case isn’t the only legal battle that Hunter Biden is facing right now. He’s been at risk of being indicted for various other actions, such as when he lied on paperwork in an effort to obtain a handgun, which is a federal offense. Despite solid evidence that Hunter Biden has violated the law, it seems as though his ongoing paternity case is the one that’s most likely to put him in jail.

The FBI also has Hunter Biden on their radar, as they’ve apparently been investigating his involvement in an alleged bribery scheme by President Joe Biden. The bribery scheme in question was downplayed by Democrats for years, but according to Chairman of the House Oversight Committee James Comer, the FBI has had reliable information related to the scheme since 2017. The scheme in question involves a top Ukraine official, who has remained nameless so far in the official paperwork pertaining to the alleged bribery.

The allegations claim that Joe Biden received $5 million from Ukrainian officials, who also hired his son Hunter Biden to a board of directors position with no relevant experience. While the alleged scheme’s details have been public for some time, the FBI is currently in the process of providing what they know to the House Oversight Committee.

Whether or not the Bidens will be found to have committed criminal acts is unclear, but the criminal controversy will likely play a key role during Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign.

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