Hunter Biden Loses Appeal Over Gun Charge

( – Hunter Biden’s attempt to appeal his federal gun charges has failed, meaning he’ll stand trial for the federal gun charges later this summer.

Hunter Biden’s appeal attempted to dismiss the indictment against the president’s son but failed to convince a panel of judges that he had an appealable final judgment, which is required for an appeal to succeed. Hunter Biden must stand trial for federal gun charges, but many legal experts believe he won’t face serious criminal consequences, as former President Obama and President Joe Biden appointed two of the three judges presiding over Hunter Biden’s case.

Hunter Biden’s failed appeal comes weeks after he failed to persuade a federal court to reinstate a diversion agreement he struck with prosecutors, which would have required him to plead guilty for tax offenses to avoid further criminal charges, including the federal gun charges. Legal experts cited the diversion agreement as incredibly generous, but Hunter Biden failed to enter a plea required for the diversion agreement. As a result of his refusal to plead guilty, prosecutors charged Hunter Biden with lying on paperwork to obtain a firearm and unlawful possession of a firearm by someone addicted to narcotics, both felonies that could result in a decades-long prison sentence if served consecutively.

Despite the evidence against Hunter Biden, the president’s son has pleaded not guilty to the firearm charges against him. According to Hunter Biden, he wasn’t addicted to any controlled substances when he filled out the paperwork to purchase the firearm at the center of the case, a Colt Cobra revolver. Hunter Biden’s claims of innocence contradict passages from a memoir he released in 2021, which details his drug addiction during the same time frame that he purchased the revolver. Following his allegedly illegal purchase of the firearm, authorities found Hunter Biden’s firearm in a fast-food restaurant dumpster, which prosecutors allege is evidence of an attempt to hide the criminal act.

While Hunter Biden faces multiple criminal trials due to his alleged violations of federal gun regulations and the United States tax code, he’s also engaged in a civil action against former IRS agents who detailed his alleged tax violations to Congress. Hunter Biden sued IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler and accused them of illegally sharing information about his taxes. If convicted for each federal offense against him, Hunter Biden could spend 25 years in federal prison.

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