Illegal Immigrants Crossed Border Quickly Before Election

( – Over the past few years, illegal immigration across the southern United States border has seen a drastic increase, which has led to renewed concerns about election integrity.

Immigrants have begun crossing the border into the United States at abnormally high rates over the past few months, a trend that immigration experts believe is due to President Joe Biden. Immigrants have seemingly confirmed that they’ve started crossing with more regularity due to the impending 2024 presidential election, as some illegal immigrants fear that if former President Donald Trump wins, they’ll face harsher immigration policies than those currently in place under the Biden administration.

Two immigrants who recently crossed into Arizona said that they felt worried about the 2024 presidential election results, citing Trump’s outspoken plan to reduce the amount of illegal immigrants entering the United States. According to one of the two immigrants, people illegally entering the United States do not want Trump to win the 2024 presidential election. The other immigrant said that many who cross the southern United States border are trying to enter the country before November, as they fear border security will increase during the election cycle.

Many lawmakers feel concerned about the increasing amount of people illegally entering the United States, which has reached a historic high under the Biden administration. President Biden has consistently claimed that he lacks the authority to prevent the massive increase in illegal immigration and regularly calls for Congress to pass meaningful immigration reform. Despite President Biden claiming he cannot limit immigration, the White House has prepared an executive order that would temporarily close the United States-Mexico border once a certain number of immigrants cross into the United States.

Trump has made illegal immigration one of his election campaign’s top issues and recently promised that if elected, he’d institute a historic mass deportation program to help reduce the number of illegal immigrants within the United States. According to Trump, the mass deportation would result in around 20 million immigrants having to leave the United States. Trump has also announced that he intends to federalize the National Guard to help with the mass deportation. When talking about the increasing trend of illegal immigration, Trump compared the growing immigration rate to an “invasion.”

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