Illegal Immigration Fueling Underground Black Markets

( – New York City has seen a huge influx of migrants over the past year and a half. Most of them were sent to the sanctuary city from Texas after crossing the border illegally. Some were smuggled into the United States by human traffickers charging exorbitant fees. These families now owe money to the traffickers or to loan sharks in other countries. They need to work to pay off the loans, but by law, they cannot.

The dilemma has prompted many to find alternative sources of income. Other immigrants and legal residents of New York City have taken advantage of the circumstances by renting unregistered mopeds and food delivery service accounts to those looking for work. One man from Venezuela, Mayco Milano, brought his wife and three children to the U.S. and now owes a large amount of money to loan sharks in Venezuela. Milano says he tried to obtain work before he knew it was illegal to do so but was unsuccessful.

In desperation, Milano started renting a moped for $400 per week and a food delivery account for $150 per week. He was making a little money until the person he rented the account from left without paying him his earnings.

Many others in the same position as Milan have resorted to food delivery, as it seems to be the easiest and fastest way to earn a living for illegal immigrants.

The police have begun cracking down on the unregistered mopeds and have confiscated over 7,000. This creates an even larger problem for those like Milan because they are then responsible for the cost of the mortgage as well as their previous debt and, again, have no means to procure earnings.

Women are cleaning houses at unbelievably low rates, and children are selling candy in the dangerous NYC subway system. This underground economy in NYC was conceived in desperation and continues to be fueled by greed. A more sustainable solution is desirable.

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