Impeachment UNDERWAY – His Days Are NUMBERED!

( – A GOP lawmaker has introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in what political analysts anticipated will be a Congress “war”. 

Tennessee Representative Andy Ogles formally filed the articles of impeachment against the President and vice president on Monday, June 12. 

Once Ogles formally filed the proceedings, they will need to pass to the House floor for a vote. After the House votes, if they agree to proceed, a trial will be held in the Senate. 

Media reports explained that Ogles had sought impeachment because Biden had “misused his power” as President and during his time as Vice President. Ogles’ has accused Biden of “weaponizing” the presidency, and of acting “contrary” to the Constitution. 

Ogles’ articles of impeachment followed Congress viewing the details of an alleged bribery scheme involving a “Ukraine national” and the incumbent president, who at the time served as former President Barack Obama’s vice president. The allegations claim that the Ukraine government, linked to Burisma oil company, had hired President BIden’s son, Hunter Biden, to serve on the company’s board, and then bribed the now-President to “stifle” investigation into Burisma’s board. 

Hunter Biden has reportedly been under investigation since 2018, for tax filings and felony tax charges. CNN analyst Eli Honig stated that, in his view, the fact that the younger Biden has been under investigation for “five years” for something that normally took “five weeks” was “preposterous” and that someone needed to “make a call.” 

The Ogles’ impeachment filing follows Representative Marjorie Taylor Green’s (R. G.)impeachment filing  in May. Greene’s motion to proceed with impeachment against Biden was the first attempt to impeach the incumbent president in the House. Greene motioned to impeach Biden for “dereliction of duty,” a resolution letter filed in the 117th Congress, 1st Session explained.  

Despite there being two different articles of impeachment attempts, media reports explained that only a minority of Republicans were pursuing impeachment for Biden. For this reason, Ogles’ articles of impeachment are expected to face a “steep” uphill climb in coming to a vote.

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