Inmates Run Free After Deadly Assault on Mexican Prison

Inmates Run Free After Deadly Assault on Mexican Prison

( – Mexico is well known for its violence and drug cartels. The instability extends to the country’s prisons, where the guards struggle to maintain control because of the dangerous inmates, who separate into criminal bands and their affiliated gangs. The brutality was clearly displayed in Ciudad Juarez on New Year’s Day when an attack sent the state prison into complete disarray.

On January 1, several armed vehicles pulled up to the jail in the early morning hours and opened fire. The chaos led to the deaths of 14 people — 10 guards and four inmates. In addition, 13 others received injuries — a nearby hospital is providing medical treatment to four of the casualties. A total of 24 prisoners escaped before authorities could regain control of the situation.

Some people wonder where these prisoners ended up, and critics speculate that they might’ve fled to the United States because El Paso is immediately across the border.

Authorities are now investigating who orchestrated the attack. They suspect members of a drug cartel. Mexican authorities have brought in the military to help restore order and support the local police. According to the BBC, a witness noted that the assailants were significantly better armed than the guards. The attackers, dressed in all black, also shot at passing vehicles.

Just before the prison attack, four men fired upon police, leading to a chase resulting in the suspects’ apprehension. Authorities have not indicated whether they believe links exist between these occurrences, but prison attackers could have set up the pursuit as a distraction.

Violence remains a constant at the state prison, where several previous incidents have occurred. Just last August, a riot claimed 11 lives. It started inside the facility when out-of-control prisoners killed two inmates and ended with a shooting in the town.

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