IRS Deletes Post About Needing Armed Agents — Or Did It?

IRS Deletes Post About Needing Armed Agents — Or Did It?

IRS Deletes Mysterious Post – It’s Scary!

( – There are many reasons why people take aim at the IRS, but a recent job posting might be the weirdest yet. When an ad for Criminal Investigation Special Agents appeared, its call for applicants to “be willing to use deadly force, if necessary” shocked many. Some expressed their outrage at the job listing, and, for a minute, it seemed as though the IRS caved to pressure and removed it. Considering the agency merely collects taxes, using deadly force seems a bit much, no? Not quite.

While the IRS is mainly known for taxes, it has another division that many are unaware of: Criminal Investigation. This law enforcement arm of the agency is responsible for handling cases involving money laundering, drug-related financial crimes, and tax evasion. Because the first two might involve dangerous criminals, special agents must be properly armed and able to deal with any situation.

A spokesperson for the IRS said the Criminal Investigation division is the federal government’s sixth-largest law enforcement agency, and its ad was “consistent with announcements from other” similar agencies — there was nothing unusual about it. Other requirements include being “legally allowed to carry a firearm.”

While it appeared the agency temporarily removed the job listing, it’s still up and waiting for applicants.

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