Is WW3 Inevitable? Trump Has BIZARRE Answer

( – Former President Donald Trump believes that he is the only candidate who can prevent the potential of World War III, Newsmax reported. 

Trump’s belief that he is the “only candidate” able to prevent World War III has existed for a while. In January, New York Magazine commented on Trump’s claims that either he was re-elected or World War III would likely escalate. Preventing global escalations is reportedly a priority of the Trump 2024 campaign trail agenda, along with a list of new proposed policies. 

In January, Trump stated that he was “more angry” and “more committee,” than he had ever previously been, New York Magazine reported. In the early hours of his third presidential campaign, Trump stated he believed that his second term in office would be “the only hope” for the United States and its political trajectory.

Earlier in his campaign, Trump had claimed that the world was on the “cusp” of World War III and that he would restore “peace” through “strength,” New York Magazine reported. 

During his March 13 speech in Davenport, Iowa, Trump made a “vow” that he would be the one to prevent World War III and likewise stated that, in his view, he was “the only one” who could, Newsweek reported. Trump spotted a person wearing a hat in the crowd that said “Trump was right” about “everything”, and he responded that this hat’s messaging was “true.” Trump then went on to reference his comments on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project that, in 2019, the Kremlin continued to build despite sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation by the Trump administration. 

In April, Trump warned that the world was “not far” from an “all-out nuclear war,” NDTV reported. Trump referred to the global economy as the “menace” of the political coalition between the Chinese communist regime, Russia, and North Korea, a major bipartisan cause for concern in Congress in recent months. 

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