Israel Plans More Tourist Attractions in Turbulent Jerusalem

Israel Plans More Tourist Attractions in Turbulent Jerusalem

Biblical Location About To Be Gutted – World Media Spinning!

( – Tensions between Israel and Palestine have been raging for years, particularly regarding which states have jurisdiction in Jerusalem. Now, hoping to draw more visitors, Israel is taking a novel approach to the conflict by installing tourist attractions. While this is typical of cities and countries wanting to promote tourism, it’s the nature of the attractions that have many concerned.

According to The New York Times, developers want to erect a number of features in Jerusalem, around the Hill of Evil Counsel area. The most prominent will be a zip-line taking riders from a picturesque ridge over and into the Peace Forest.

Another project includes a suspension bridge over parts of Hinnom Valley, also known as the Old City, and a site where ancient sacrifices and burials occurred. A model farm and cable cars are other potential attractions developers have mentioned.

Naturally, reactions are divided between supporters and critics, each having their opposing viewpoint. Those who support the projects say they could revive the economy and breathe life into the area. Critics say they’ll cause even more tension with neighboring Palestine because the state claims equal holds on the territory.

The Israeli government has already approved several proposed projects without much opposition, meaning they could soon come to fruition.

What do you think about these projects? Should Israel try to improve its tourism with these attractions or leave the historical sites alone?

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