It Happened AGAIN – He Can’t Take Much More!

( – President Biden was seen in a video hitting his head on the door to Marine One, just hours after he experienced an extremely embarrassing fall during the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony. Biden has been seen constantly embarrassing himself in public, such as speaking in a strange manner or falling over on stairs or in public appearances.

These various mistakes are constantly brought up by online audiences, who criticize Biden and believe he’s becoming too old to remain a credible US president. Despite these widespread criticisms from voters Biden seems adamant that he’ll be running for re-election next year, in a hotly contested presidential race. Biden will have to contend with various challengers, including Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, as well as other Democrat Party member Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Biden seems confident in his ability to win re-election, and has already started his campaigning efforts by sharing donation links and trading insults with other hopeful candidates.

Biden hitting his head wasn’t the only incident he’s had in recent memory, with the fall he took during the graduation ceremony hours prior being replayed on various media outlets for days on end. The fall was particularly nasty, with Biden completely collapsing on stage and requiring help to stand back up. Despite his clearly declining physical health the mainstream media has remained oddly quiet about Biden and his constant public embarrassments, presumably to avoid hindering his standing ahead of a growingly competitive election season.

Biden’s declining physical health isn’t the only reason why some citizens feel as though the next election cycle should use a new candidate, as Biden has made constant mental mistakes as well. One such mistake is how he recently stated his son Beau Biden died in Iraq, when in actuality he died from cancer in Bethesda, Maryland.

Because of this disconnect many US voters, even those within Biden’s party, are worried as to how Biden could perform his job moving forward.

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