It’s a DEAL – Biden Couldn’t Be More Proud!

( – President Joe Biden has stated he was proud of his son Hunter taking a plea deal,  which was reached in the case regarding Hunter Biden’s failure to pay his federal income tax. Hunter Biden is also at the center of another federal case, in which he lied on paperwork to attain a handgun in relation to his status as a substance abuser, a federal offense with a maximum sentence of ten years in prison.

Hunter Biden’s deal will likely spare him any prison time. The federal gun charge that Hunter Biden is facing has become the subject of a pretrial diversion agreement, raising questions among citizens as to whether or not Hunter Biden will face consequences for the offense. President Biden made his comments in San Francisco, while he spoke about artificial intelligence in the first public appearance following Hunter Biden’s plea deal.

While President Biden did briefly discuss his son’s guilty plea deal, the White House has stated there will be no further comment on the situation with Hunter Biden. The agreement marks the conclusion of a five-year investigation into Hunter Biden, which was headed up by the FBI. Although his legal cases are still developing, it is unlikely that his handgun offense will result in federal prison time, despite the usually steep consequences for similar cases.

The plea agreement is only the latest scandal to involve the Bidens, with both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden being at the center of an ongoing investigation by the House Oversight Committee into bribery allegations.

Congress is investigating the Bidens for allegedly coercing payments of up to $5 million from officials within Burisma, a Ukrainian based natural gas firm which employed Hunter Biden while his father served as Vice President. The FBI had information from an informant that was deemed to be reliable, but didn’t follow up on the allegations afterwards. Whether or not the Bidens will face legal ramifications isn’t clear, but Joe Biden’s re-election campaign may have to quell fears of illicit conduct to secure a second term.

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