It’s CONFIRMED – Biden’s Crime Family Undeniable!

( – The FBI has confirmed that documents confirming Joe Biden and his son Hunter were involved in an international family pay-for-play scheme. The Bidens are currently being investigated by the House Oversight Committee, an investigation being headed up by the committee’s chairman Republican Rep. James Comer from Kentucky. The committee has already connected members of Joe Biden’s family to illicit payments from foreign businesses, located in countries like Ukraine and China.

While the committee was already aware of these illicit payments, the FBI has now confirmed Comer’s suspicions by acknowledging the existence of a document that alleges then-Vice President Biden was involved in bribery with a foreign national. FBI Director Christopher A. Wray confirmed the existence of the documents, but declined to produce them to the House Oversight Committee. Wray has offered for the committee members to come view the documents in person at the FBI headquarters, despite being threatened with criminal contempt of Congress.

One of the alleged payments that is a part of Biden’s pay-to-play is a $5 million dollar interest free loan that the Biden family received from China. Biden’s ties to China have been a cause for concern for many citizens since the allegations first came out, concerns that have now been validated by the FBI confirming the existence of documents that seemingly prove the allegations. Despite this ongoing investigation the Biden family has remained silent about their alleged wrongdoings, which they’ve done repeatedly with scandals involving them.

One such scandal is the infamous Hunter Biden laptop story, a highly controversial story that has haunted the Biden administration since Joe Biden’s initial 2020 election campaign. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, the Biden family has consistently downplayed the massive scandal and prevented criminal repercussions for Hunter Biden’s actions.

Hunter Biden’s laptop will likely not result in any further investigation by the DOJ, a department that has consistently defended the Biden administration. The pay-to-play scheme is a different story, as the FBI has confirmed that the allegations are probably true, to the House Oversight Committee.

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