January 6th Prisoner Reveals How He’s Being Treated Behind Closed Doors

January 6th Prisoner Reveals How He's Being Treated Behind Closed Doors

(DailyVantage.com) – It looks like there’s no end to the witch hunt surrounding the January 6 Capitol Hill incident. While Congress pursues higher-profile names like Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows and pushes their trials forward, many of those arrested for alleged involvement are suffering behind bars. One such person is William Chrestman, who recently spoke out about the horrors he’s endured with no end in sight.

Since his arrest on February 11, Chrestman says he’s been subjected to horrific treatment, including deprivation of necessary medications prescribed by the Veterans Administration (VA). The medications treat chronic back pain and manage his mental health conditions.

Additionally, he’s subject to long periods of isolation, including 23 hours a day in his cell. But that’s not all; this particular District of Columbia jail has been cited repeatedly in the past for its “appalling” conditions.

Sadly, Chrestman’s story is only one. Many politicians, including Paul Gosar, have spoken out about other defendants who have received similar treatment.

According to Chrestman, a true patriot who has served our country, he’s being held without any real evidence of his participation and denied his basic rights. Hopefully, by him speaking out, he can draw more attention to the abysmal conditions he and other defendants face, all without a conviction.

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