Jeff Bezos’ Yacht Flees in the Middle of the Night To Avoid Egg Attacks

Jeff Bezos' Yacht Flees in the Middle of the Night To Avoid Egg Attacks

Jeff Bezos’ Yacht Forced To Flee in the Middle of the Night!

( – Amazon Executive Chair Jeff Bezos is no stranger to controversy and bad press. He’s certainly faced a lot of it over the last several years with rumblings of employee discontent, accusations of antitrust violations, and even an affair. Now, Bezos is at the center of yet another incident involving his superyacht and some (yes, really) rotten eggs.

The vessel, soon to be the biggest yacht ever built, is currently undergoing construction in Rotterdam, a Dutch port city. However, officials announced it would be necessary to partially deconstruct the area’s historic bridge, De Hef, due to the vessel’s sheer size to get the ship out to sea. Unsurprisingly, locals protested the situation. In fact, they were so against the idea of dismantling the landmark, even temporarily, one Rotterdammer started a now-deleted Facebook event calling for others to gather their rotten eggs and take aim at the ship. People shared the post more than 1,000 times, and some 17,000 people expressed interest in the event.

When the Facebook post went viral, shipbuilders decided to move the mega yacht in the middle of the night to avoid the bombardment. They reportedly relocated the vessel to another shipyard for completion. Some locals tried to take pictures and videos of the ship, but spotlight beams blocked their photo opportunities, presumably to keep them from capturing the event.

It’s unclear whether the city still intends to dismantle De Hef.

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