Jen Psaki Snaps After Basic Question From Reporter

Jen Psaki Freaks Out After Basic Question From Reporter

( – Ever since President Joe Biden served as VP to former President Barack Obama, there have been rumblings about Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings. Those rumblings got even louder when Biden hit the campaign trail, and the volume has persisted and grown throughout his presidency. When Joe Biden took office, Hunter owned 10% of BHR, primarily held and controlled by Chinese state entities. Recently, it’s come to light that Hunter no longer owns a stake in BHR or Skaneateles LLC, and people want answers. When a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to elaborate on the situation, her answer wasn’t just less than forthcoming — she downright skirted it.

Playing the Avoidance Game

On Monday, December 6, a reporter presented two questions to Psaki: one asked for transparency regarding Hunter’s divestment from BHR. The second asked for confirmation whether the laptop referenced in Miranda Devine’s book was authentic and not disinformation.

Psaki declined to answer questions regarding dollar amounts, timing or buyers of Hunter’s stake in BHR. Rather, the press secretary suggested the reporter should ask Hunter’s representatives because the president’s son is “not an employee of the federal government.” When asked about the book, she simply said she “neither had the time nor interest in exploring or reading” it.

While it’s true Hunter isn’t a federal employee, he has been part of his father’s foreign policy, as recently as November of this year, when the president revealed he consulted his son before the summit in Glasgow. Americans have the right to know if the president’s family benefits from his role.

Hunter’s Shady History

Much of the skepticism surrounding Hunter involves the timeline surrounding BHR’s founding. The company’s official registration date was merely 12 days after he flew to Beijing aboard Air Force 2 with his father on an official trip in December 2013. Following that event, Hunter also became involved with Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, receiving $1 million per year for his role on its board. Fast-forwarding to October of this year, the president’s son is now an artist collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars per piece — a feat very few artists, let alone inexperienced new ones, achieve.

So, while Psaki may not believe it’s relevant to the American public, it very much is because if Hunter uses his daddy’s ties and insider information to benefit, there’s something very wrong with that, and he needs to be held accountable. For now, the waters are still murky, muddied by many more questions than answers.

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