Jen Psaki Snarky After Reporter’s Question

Jen Psaki Snarky After Reporter's Question

( – Part of working in public service, particularly in the role of press secretary, is knowing how to address the questions posed without bringing emotions into it. However, it seems the White House continues to play the avoidance game and disrespects reporters in the midst.

On Monday, March 7, during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki took a question from ABC’s White House Correspondent, Cecilia Vega. Vega inquired what President Joe Biden’s feelings were on the Ukraine crisis, whether he was “happy” with the country’s response to Russia’s aggression. “Does he consider this successful at this point,” she asked.

Instead of addressing the question, Psaki skirted it and started rambling about the humanitarian side of the situation and how the world is rallying around Ukraine. However, she did say President Joe Biden has no intentions of sending troops in because it’s Ukraine’s fight, and the US and NATO will continue to provide them with security assistance.

During her curt response, it was clear Psaki was agitated. She cut off Ms. Vega more than once to continue her talking points rather than address the valid question posed. She also spoke over Fox News’ Peter Doocy during the same press briefing when he asked about rising gas prices and told her the US produced more oil at home under former President Donald Trump than Biden. Does it sound like Psaki was evasive or unprofessional to you?

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