Jesse Waters Just HIT Biden Where It Hurts Most!

( – With more and more unidentified flying objects being spotted in various states around the country, the Biden administration’s competence has come into question.

Jesse Watters, a staunch Trump supporter, went after Biden on Tuesday, saying, “He’s not in command. He doesn’t know what he’s doing”. Watters went on to call Biden “trigger happy” for shooting down new unidentified flying objects that, according to him, “might have just been weather balloons”. 

This comes just two days after a third balloon was shot down over Michigan airspace. The balloon was spotted flying over Lake Huron. While Pentagon officials appeared confident in their decision to shoot down the mysterious balloon, President Biden has remained quiet about the strange occurrences. 

In Congress, some are beginning to call out the president’s reticence on the matter. Jack Bergman (R-MI), who represents Michigan’s first Congressional district, tweeted “The American people deserve far more answers than we have.”

China expert Gordon Change on Sunday tweeted that “we are not safe in our own country” in response to the latest UFO. 

Some Congressional Democrats, however, seem relatively unbothered by these mysterious balloons. In an interview with NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ podcast, Representative Jim Hines (D-CT) said that he was “confident” that the UFOs did not represent any kind of real security threat. 

Like so many other issues, this one too has a partisan split.

The Biden administration, though, lacks any kind of solid answer to the odd sightings. Americans, however, are looking to the president for leadership during this uncertain time.

We will see if the president’s absence on this important national security matter affects his already mediocre job approval ratings. As of today, Biden has been hovering around the mid-40s, getting virtually no boost from his raucous State of the Union address. 

Swift and decisive action here, however, may be advantageous to his popularity with the American electorate. 

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