JFK Assassination Documents Released

JFK Assassination Documents To Finally Be Released

(DailyVantage.com) – John F. Kennedy Jr’s (JFK) assassination in Dallas, Texas, in November 1963 is one of the most shrouded in mystery events of the last century. It’s given way to many conspiracy theories and speculation about what really happened to the 35th POTUS. Now, it seems people fascinated with the event — and his killer Lee Harvey Oswald — may finally get at least some of the answers they seek.

On Thursday, December 15, the National Archives released more than 12,000 previously classified documents following an executive order issued by President Joe Biden. They join the other 1,500 released in December 2021.

While this is one of the biggest releases, it doesn’t account for every document the government has on the JFK assassination. The executive order states that the government may postpone some to safeguard “against an identifiable harm” to intelligence operations, the nation’s defense, law enforcement, or foreign relations.

Also worth noting is these documents aren’t necessarily new. In fact, the government has released many of them before, but in a heavily-redacted form. This time, the archives have removed either some or all of the redactions, researchers told The New York Times. Further, the lawyer who worked on the Freedom of Information Act cases related to JFK, Mark Zaid, cautions there won’t “be any smoking guns.”

Will you be reviewing the JFK assassination documents?

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