Jill Biden Says Free College Won’t Be In Democrat Bill

Jill Biden Says Free College Won't Be In Democrat Bill

(DailyVantage.com) – The Left still hasn’t given up on passing its multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better social infrastructure bill, though it has made several concessions along the way to try to get it through Congress. One of the legislation’s provisions included two years of free community college to all Americans, but that campaign-trail promise has been cut, according to First Lady Jill Biden.

On Monday, February 7, the First Lady spoke at a community college summit where she revealed free community college was no longer on the table in terms of the spending bill. If passed, it would’ve given $45.5 billion to these schools across the country to waive tuition across five years, when the amount would have decreased by 5% each following year.

This is a major win for Conservatives who fought against excessive spending, particularly when inflation is running rampant, and the nation’s debt has reached a record-shattering $30 trillion.

Dr. Biden, a former community college professor, said there are still some provisions left in the Build Back Better plan aimed at helping students, such as increased Pell Grants, universal preschool, and high-speed internet. She said free tuition isn’t off the table completely, but “now is not the right moment” to press the issue.

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