Jim Banks Announces Bill to Uphold Adoption Rights Tied to Biological Sex

(DailyVantage.com) – Representative Jim Banks is sponsoring a new bill that would prevent child welfare officials from denying potential adoptions to people claiming they will raise the child based on the child’s actual gender at birth. Banks’ proposed legislation is a response to an ongoing effort by the White House to allegedly prevent prospective parents from adopting children due to their political or religious beliefs. According to Banks, adoption isn’t a political issue and shouldn’t have politics involved with finding a child’s adoptive parents.

Banks’ bill comes as the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees adoptions, announced a policy that prevents minors from being placed in homes that don’t cater to their “gender identity.” The new policy requires prospective buyers to proclaim themselves as supporters of the LGBTQI+ movement and ensure they’ll support an adopted child’s beliefs. According to the department, the policy will prevent hostility towards adopted children and keep them away from potential abusers.

Banks’ bill would undo the Department of Health and Human Services policy and prevent federally funded organizations and agencies from using political beliefs to limit the right to adopt for prospective parents. The bill, also known as the Sensible Adoption for Every Home Act, is solely focused on preventing child welfare organizations under federal oversight from refusing parents who disagree with the LGBTQ movement. Despite the House of Representatives likely supporting Banks’ legislation, it is unlikely to pass in the United States Senate.

The bill goes beyond parents refusing to raise a child based on their preferred gender identity, as it also includes prospective parents who won’t provide controversial and harmful medical treatment focused on gender if a child wants said treatment. Instead, these parents would only grant a child medical treatment if the procedure, medication, or therapy was in line with their actual sex. Banks’ bill is the latest in a string of Republican-backed legislation aimed at preventing medical practitioners from operating on underage children, specifically with gender reassignment procedures.

Banks supported one of these prior bills, which permitted recipients of gender reassignment surgery to sue any doctors who operated on them while they were minors. Some lawmakers claim the new rule is primarily meant to protect Christians, and the Biden administration’s attempt at limiting adoption rights is a policy aimed at conservatives with religious beliefs.

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