Jim Jordan Demands File Related To Alleged $10M Bribe Given To Biden

(DailyVantage.com) – Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan is butting heads with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over what Jordan claims to be the Bureau’s possession of a document that would prove that President Joe Biden received a bribe worth $10 million.

Jordan, who chairs the Congressional Committee on Justice, said that he was informed that the FBI has a document containing “crucial” information – from a “confidential source” – that would help with the committee’s inquiry into Hunter Biden’s business dealings abroad. The House Justice Committee is also heading an impeachment inquiry against the president, which they are connecting to Hunter’s shady overseas business deals.

To that effect, Jordan has penned a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding that the FBI hand over a “now publicly available [report], dated June 30, 2020” that contains information at implicates the president in a “multimillion-dollar bribery scheme” connected to his son’s overseas dealings. According to the Justice Committee chair, the contents of the document will help the committee to assess whether “drafting articles of impeachment” against the president is warranted.

Jordan gave the Bureau until January 19 to hand over the documents.

However, the file was previously disclosed by Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley last year, which contained claims that President Biden and Hunter “coerced” Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma, to fork out $10 million in order to have Viktor Shokin, a Ukrainian prosecutor, fired in 2016.

Burisma is an Ukrainian energy company.

The records are called FD-1023, which pertain to FBI records of information from confidential sources. The information, however, is not necessarily verified or vetted.

The FD-1023 regarding Biden’s alleged $10 million bribe stem from claims made by Zlochevsky himself to the FBI’s informant. Zlochevsky said that discussions on the matter were held in a café in Vienna, Austria, where he was forced to pay the Biden father and son $5 million each. The document further claims that the president – then vice-president to then-president Barack Obama – had a direct hand in the negotiations.

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