Jim Jordan Makes Shocking Claim – Biden’s Failure Exposed on Border Trip

(DailyVantage.com) – Representative Jim Jordan recently shared details of a trip to the southern United States border, which he joined alongside other prominent members of the Republican Party. According to Jordan, while Speaker of the House Mike Johnson spoke with reporters, the group of lawmakers and reporters witnessed a group of immigrants illegally crossing into the United States. Jordan claims the group of immigrants crossed through razor wire shortly before being detained by Border Patrol, whom Jordan says will probably release them into the country. According to Republicans like Jordan, the incident is a clear example of President Joe Biden’s failure to address the ongoing immigrant surge at the southern United States Border.

Jordan also said that the average American citizen knows the severity of the influx of immigrants into the United States before referring to statistics. According to Jordan, more than 300,000 people illegally entered the United States in December 2023. Jordan said this is the highest number of illegal crossings on record before claiming that a failure to prevent further immigration could result in more than 12 million immigrants crossing the southern United States border. While speaking about the southern border and Biden’s refusal to pass legislation combatting illegal immigration, Jordan championed the Secure the Border Act, claiming it could help resolve the ongoing influx of illegal immigration.

The House of Representatives passed the Secure the Border Act last May, but the United States Senate is still considering the bill. Jordan said the Senate is withholding the bill due to the Democrat majority, and passing the legislation could be construed as conceding to the Republican Party. If passed, the Secure the Border Act would increase funding for additional obstacles and barriers along the United States-Mexico border and reform the heavily criticized asylum process. One of the bill’s provisions limits the number of people who could claim asylum while attempting to cross into the United States, reducing the number of migrants that authorities allow into the country.

Despite Jordan’s outspoken criticisms of the Biden administration’s approach to immigration, President Biden hasn’t announced any plan to reduce the immigration surge. Jordan said that Biden’s refusal to address the surge is intentional and that Biden isn’t concerned about allowing a total of 12 million people to enter the United States illegally.

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