Joe Biden Falls in New Poll

Joe Biden Falls in New Poll

( – The controversy surrounding vaccine mandates has been at center stage for quite some time now. More than half the country’s states have filed or plan to file a lawsuit against the Biden Administration to declare these directives unconstitutional. A new poll shows exactly how Americans feel about the mandates, particularly regarding large businesses — those with at least 100 employees.

A Morning Consult/Politico poll conducted November 5 to 7 shows nationwide support for these directives has slipped. Analysts compared the results to a similar poll carried out in September.

When questioned whether they supported the requirement of all employers with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccines or institute weekly testing, the partisan divide was quite obvious. Democrats are still largely in favor of mandates, holding steady with 80% strongly or somewhat supporting the requirement. Republican support, however, has dipped 3 points down to 30% from 33% back in September.

President Joe Biden has made no bones about disregarding poll results, but he needs to remember he works for the people. Right now, a majority of Americans still support the mandates, but with numbers clearly slipping, it may not remain that way for long. Once these lawsuits make their way to the courts, the polls may be moot anyway as citizens may finally see the choice of whether or not to inoculate back in their own hands.

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