Joe Biden Promises to Bring Entire “World” Into War Against Russia

Joe Biden Promises to Bring Entire

( – The tensions between Ukraine and Russia have not abated. In fact, despite Russia’s claims it’s started withdrawing troops, there’s been no verifiable evidence to this effect. On February 15, President Joe Biden addressed the issue in a press conference, and what he said is downright scary.

Addressing Americans, Biden spoke about the increasing tensions over the past several months and the amassing of troops on Ukraine’s border. He spoke about the end of WWII but then seemed to indicate a Russian invasion of Ukraine would lead to WWIII. Not only that, but he spoke to the United States, its allies and NATO supporting Ukraine, stating “we will rally the world,” he said.

It certainly seems like a threatening message and one that’s irresponsible to boot. Biden might just be talking about economic sanctions from around the world, which he goes on to mention, but insinuating the world is ready to step into a war is taking things a bit too far.

Right now, Russia claims it has no plans to invade, although its actions tend to tell a different story. It seems premature to threaten a country and insinuate it would lead to an all-out war, one that would lead to increasing global strife at a time when countries are already suffering.

As of right now, Russian President Vladimir Putin says he’s open to diplomatic talks. However, he’s laid threats at the United States’ doorstep if we don’t comply with his demands, particularly those related to Ukraine joining NATO.

As of right now, it seems there’s no end in sight to the tensions.

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