Joe Biden VISIT Oversees Has Strange Side Effect…

( – President Joe Biden’s visit to the United Kingdom ended up very tense for a variety of reasons. Biden met with King Charles III and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, presumably to discuss various issues such as the United States providing Ukraine with cluster bombs and Biden’s decision to block a United Kingdom official from becoming NATO’s Secretary General.

Biden’s visit to Britain comes a day before a NATO summit, raising questions about whether the president wants to garner more support ahead of a critical international meeting. Biden’s decision to provide cluster ammunition to Ukraine has faced resistance from many nations, with other countries like Britain remaining silent about the move. Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has stated that he discourages the usage of cluster ammunition by Ukraine but that the United Kingdom supports Ukraine in the ongoing conflict no matter what.

The upcoming NATO summit will focus on the possibility of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO, a heavily criticized decision that many people feel would escalate the ongoing conflict with Russia. Despite these fears from voters and other officials, Biden has remained steadfast in his support of Ukraine joining the international organization. Although Biden has remained adamant that he believes Ukraine should join NATO, he recently stated he wanted there to be a “rational path” for such a development, likely to curb fears of escalation with Russia. Ukraine is still receiving heavy aid from countries involved with NATO and will likely become a member of the organization shortly.

Despite NATO countries being reluctant to allow Ukraine to join the organization, top Ukrainian officials feel as though such a development is necessary to ensure a victory against Russia. One such official is Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yevhen Perebyinis, who feels as though NATO should allow Ukraine to join regardless of any consequences from Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that such a development could result in widespread conflict in Europe, a likelihood that President Biden is hoping to avoid.

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