Joe Biden Wants to Remove Millions of Cars From the Road

Joe Biden Promises to Remove Millions of Cars From the Road

( – The Build Back Better plan has been a subject of hot debate lately, and it’s currently in trouble. Perhaps this is why President Joe Biden recently traveled to Scranton, Pennsylvania, to push the radical agenda. He raised quite a few eyebrows with one of his statements during his speech — where he droned on and on about his Amtrak days.

On October 20, Biden visited the Electric City Trolley Museum, where he talked about the infrastructure plan. He says one solution to clean up the air is to install high-speed railways. According to the president, following this plan “will take… millions of automobiles off the road — off the road — saving tens of millions of barrels of oil.”

While removing millions of cars from the road is undoubtedly aspirational, and we know Biden loves his trains, is it really a feasible option?

In short, not quite.

There are obstacles. For example, not everyone is open to taking the train, and it’s simply not possible in some areas in terms of availability and affordability. Then, there’s the carbon emissions factor. One of the main reasons people tout high-speed trains as a solution to the carbon footprint issue is because many believe it will immediately cut back on emissions, and this simply isn’t true. To be successful, the manufacturers must build trains in an energy-efficient manner, and they need to run on clean electricity. But the fundamental factor in cutting emissions is getting people to give up their vehicles. If the trains run and people still drive their cars, there’s a minimal effect, at best.

When so many Americans see their rights infringed upon, is it really likely they’ll be willing to give up their primary mode of transportation and their symbol of personal freedom?

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