John Fetterman’s CONDITION Update Revealed!

( – Newly elected Senator John Fetterman (D-PA), who beat out celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz in November of 2022, appears to be showing signs of improvement after being hospitalized for clinical depression.

On February 17th, it was announced that Fetterman would be moved to a hospital to receive inpatient care for clinical depression. Though no timeframe was given, it was expected that he would spend at least a few weeks in recovery. 

A little over a week later, his office announced that he is “doing well” and is on a “path to recovery.” 

Fetterman’s communications director Joe Calvello said that the Senator is “visiting with staff and family daily.” Calvello also stated that staffers are keeping him abreast of new Senate-related news and updates.

In addition to his depression diagnosis, which apparently he has been wrestling with for quite some time, Fetterman suffered a stroke back in May of 2022. The stroke has left Fetterman noticeably cognitively impaired. Though he showed signs of improvement, he requires the assistance of closed captioning when delivering remarks and often slurs and jumbles his speech. 

During his debate with Oz, Fetterman looked frazzled and often came across as being confused by the lines of questioning from the debate moderators. When asked about his contradictory stances on oil fracking, he appeared disoriented, giving a disjointed response. 

Nonetheless, Fetterman emerged victorious in the general election. 

In the midst of all of his health problems, many have questioned Fetterman’s fitness to serve in the Senate. 

One Twitter user who goes by the moniker “Catturd” tweeted that “John Fetterman’s family knew he was in bad shape but pushed him forward anyway for power and influence.” Conservative pundit Monica Crowley also tweeted “What is going on with John Fetterman?”

As of now, it is unclear when Fetterman will be able to return to the Senate. 

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