John Fetterman’s WIFE Breaks Her Silence!

( – Gisele Barreto Fetterman, Senator John Fetterman’s wife, pushed back against criticisms that she is a “power hungry wife” in an op-ed on Thursday

Since her husband won his election against T.V. doctor Mehmet Oz last November, Barreto Fetterman has been roasted, mostly by conservatives, for her ambitious persona. She is regularly accused of wanting to take her husband’s position as Senator of Pennsylvania.  

Fox News personality Jesse Watters, for example, once said that Barreto Fetterman was “quite calculating”, suggesting that she was looking for the right opportunity to steal her husband’s new job. 

Barreto Fetterman, though, has finally broken her silence about the smears and insinuations coming from the right. In her recent op-ed, she attempted to dispel the rumors: “I hadn’t sought an office of any kind”, Barreto Fetterman said, “I had never wanted to be in the public eye”. 

Pennsylvania’s Second Lady said that, contrary to her detractors on the right, she prefers to keep a private profile. She went on to say that she has “no interest in the politicking of policy.” 

Some of the critics, Barreto Fetterman wrote, have targeted her physical appearance: “They have even criticized my appearance, often going after my eyebrows and hair.” 

Much of the reason for Barreto Fetterman’s harsh treatment can be attributed to her husband’s poor medical status. 

During his campaign in 2022, Senator Fetterman suffered a serious stroke, noticeably impairing his cognitive abilities. 

And in February of this year, Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for clinical depression. 

So, given the Senator’s medical history, some have thought it plausible that his wife would be eyeing the seat herself. 

It is unlikely, though, that the Second Lady’s op-ed will change the minds of her harshest critics. If anything, it may just give them more fodder. 

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